Uewerkaerjeng, Letzebuerg

Weekly Weather Summary: 16/10/19 20:00

temperature and dew point
Average Temperature 15.0°C
Average Dew Point 12.8°C
This week:
High Dew Point
Low Dew Point

15.4°C at 13:12 (Tuesday)
9.6°C at 05:54 (Wednesday)
hi lo temperatures
This week:
High Temperature
Low Temperature

23.8°C at 15:33 (Monday)
9.9°C at 07:52 (Wednesday)
wind chill and heat index
Average Wind Chill 15.0°C
This week:
Low Wind Chill

8.3°C at 05:55 (Wednesday)
Average Heat Index 15.0°C
This week:
High Heat Index

23.8°C at 15:33 (Monday)
Average Humidity 88%
This week:
High Humidity
Low Humidity

100% at 11:05 (Tuesday)
52% at 15:19 (Monday)
Average Rain Rate 0.1 mm/hr
This week:
This week's Rain

9.9 mm
This week:
High Rain Rate

3.0 mm/hr at 18:56 (Tuesday)
Average Barometer 1009.9 mbar
This week:
High Barometer
Low Barometer

1013.8 mbar at 03:20 (Monday)
1005.6 mbar at 05:55 (Tuesday)
Average Wind 4 km/h
This week:
High Wind

30 km/h from 169° at 18:50 (Wednesday)
This week:
Average Wind

4 km/h
This week:
RMS Wind

5 km/h
wind direction
Average Wind direction 179°
wind vector
This week:
Vector Average Speed
Vector Average Direction

3 km/h
wind gust vector